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Vote for New Leadership in 2024

Limited Government Lower Taxes  Peaceful Communities

Jack's Vision for Riverside County


A Thriving & Peaceful Community

As your County Supervisor, I will lead as an honest, responsive, and accountable advocate for our communities.

This role is more than a legislative responsibility; it is a moral obligation to rebuild public trust and to govern at the highest levels of competence and integrity. I see myself as a steward of fiscal responsibility, managing our resources wisely, telling the truth, and championing government reform at every opportunity!

I aim for ordinances that directly address residents, ' concerns, from safer streets to better infrastructure to high-integrity elections, while adhering to core principles of limited government, lower taxes, and respect for the United States Constitution.

Ultimately, as County Supervisor, I will be a dedicated public servant, making informed decisions to create thriving and peaceful communities.

- Jack Guerrero


About Jack

A Quintessential American Story

Jack Guerrero's rise from a Mexican immigrant family to a prominent figure in California politics is a remarkable tale of perseverance and achievement.


Born to hardworking parents who migrated to Los Angeles seeking a better life, Jack faced the challenges of poverty and decrepit public schools. Determined to break the cycle, he enrolled in university at age 15, embarking on an extraordinary academic journey that led to degrees from Harvard and Stanford, and a successful career in finance and economics with Fortune 500 companies and global professional services firms in the United States and Europe. Jack also served as Mayor and Council Member of his hometown and became the 2022 Republican nominee for California Treasurer garnering 4.5 million votes, including 53% of Riverside County.

His journey exemplifies the transformative power of education and hard work in the American narrative. As a dedicated patriot, Jack is committed to giving back, serving on non-profit boards and actively participating in initiatives to expand opportunities in communities throughout Riverside County.


Now a key figure in California politics, Jack Guerrero's story is not just a personal triumph but a testament to the boundless possibilities that America offers to those with the drive to succeed.

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