A message from Jack M. Guerrero:

Why am I running and why now?

I have a professional background as a corporate executive, investment banker, and certified public accountant. Until recently, I was quite happy to stay in the private sector and serve my community through Board membership in non-profit organizations and as a contributor to charitable organizations focused on education. However, like many of my fellow residents, I have grown absolutely disgusted with stories of political corruption, betrayal of public trust, wasteful government spending, and atrocious public schools. And well, enough is enough! I have decided to participate in the public policy debate as a candidate, and with your support, transfer my private sector skill-set into government service. 

My platform is clear and unwavering:

1. Government Accountability – I will push for reasonable term limits for all elected officials, reform excessive compensation schemes, and demand transparency in all governmental proceedings. 

2. Serious Financial Oversight - As a certified public accountant, I call for an independent, comprehensive forensic audit by the California State Controller immediately, with an examination focus on internal controls and cash management procedures. I also call for balanced budgets, and timely financial statement audits. Multiple-year delays are NOT acceptable.

3. Respect for the dignity and civil rights of all residents - I will promote a culture of service to the community, which begins with respect for the civil rights and constitutionally-protected liberties of its residents. Intimidation and harassment of residents, watchdog groups, and political opponents STOPS now.

4. Private Sector Jobs and Economic Growth – I call for serious development projects along the City's principal commercial thoroughfares, replete with legitimate businesses, a new Chamber of Commerce, and local jobs.

5. Serious Education Overhaul – This issue is very personal to me, because I graduated from an underperforming public school. We MUST raise academic standards, and demand accountability from schools and students alike. As a city official, I will use my position to advocate for meaningful education reform.



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I am singularly underwhelmed by the smear politics you are using against your rivals. And I’ve seen pictures of you at a Trump rally. Want to make a wild guess whom I NOT voting for Tuesday March 7?
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Thank you