A message from Jack M. Guerrero:

Why am I running and why now?

I have a professional background as a corporate executive, investment banker, and certified public accountant. Until recently, I was quite happy to stay in the private sector and serve my community through Board membership in non-profit organizations and as a contributor to charitable organizations focused on education. However, like many of my fellow residents, I have grown absolutely disgusted with stories of political corruption, betrayal of public trust, wasteful government spending, and atrocious public schools. And well, enough is enough! I have decided to participate in the public policy debate as a candidate, and with your support, transfer my private sector skill-set into government service. 

My platform is clear and unwavering:

1. Government Accountability – I will push for reasonable term limits for all elected officials, reform excessive compensation schemes, and demand transparency in all governmental proceedings. 

2. Serious Financial Oversight - As a certified public accountant, I call for an independent, comprehensive forensic audit by the California State Controller immediately, with an examination focus on internal controls and cash management procedures. I also call for balanced budgets, and timely financial statement audits. Multiple-year delays are NOT acceptable.

3. Respect for the dignity and civil rights of all residents - I will promote a culture of service to the community, which begins with respect for the civil rights and constitutionally-protected liberties of its residents. Intimidation and harassment of residents, watchdog groups, and political opponents STOPS now.

4. Private Sector Jobs and Economic Growth – I call for serious development projects along the City's principal commercial thoroughfares, replete with legitimate businesses, a new Chamber of Commerce, and local jobs.

5. Serious Education Overhaul – This issue is very personal to me, because I graduated from an underperforming public school. We MUST raise academic standards, and demand accountability from schools and students alike. As a city official, I will use my position to advocate for meaningful education reform.



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I am disappointed that Mr. Guerrero does not speak of supporting our President or disavowing California’s Sanctuary State legislation. I can not vote for someone that does not follow our constitution or laws. I am for the border wall reversal of the gas tax and vehicle registration fee hikes, reversal of the funds for Jerry Brown’s train, and insuring that our water resources are protected and saved, as is Travis Allen. When our politicians speak of protecting residents instead of citizens it puts up a red flag for me.
commented 2017-07-19 13:52:36 -0700 · Flag
Yes, different issues and matters have been improved with the help of the intelligent individuals. Now it has been visited on for the flow of the issues in favor of the people for the future times and considerations for the candidates.
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commented 2017-03-06 15:53:21 -0800 · Flag
I am singularly underwhelmed by the smear politics you are using against your rivals. And I’ve seen pictures of you at a Trump rally. Want to make a wild guess whom I NOT voting for Tuesday March 7?
commented 2013-11-24 09:49:33 -0800 · Flag
Thank you